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Hi there!

My name is Clara Smart and I was inspired in creating this blog by the faith that women all over the world put in face creams and similar skin care products in order to maintain a beautiful and young looking skin.

As a teenage I felt quite comfortable in my own skin (mom, dad – thanks for that!), so I couldn’t care less about beauty products like creams, lotions, spa treatments, make-up… And, of course, back then I used to label women investing in good face creams as being superficial and rather naive 🙂

But we don’t get to be forever young and as we mature we become wiser. Learnt in my early 20s that taking care of your skin is a smart thing to do, but it took me a while before I learned how to do it the right way. Got disappointed with so many “best face products” and learnt so many useful things in the process that I decided to share it with others. Is not like I got to be a “know it all person” that has all the secrets of proper skincare, but I have enough information on the subject that would spare other women from a bumpy road on their everyday fight with aging and other enemies of skin health.

So many beauty products, so many skincare tips…. Difficult for most women to choose a proper skincare routine and the best beauty products. With my articles, I’m trying to make things less complicate and (why not?) even bust some marketing myths.

Learn how to take care of your skin the smart way!