Top 10 Best Face Moisturizers to use in 2017

Using the best moisturizer on the market is vital for anyone who wants to have a healthy skin. Regardless of the season, we need an array of quality facial products to keep our skin hydrated, healthy, wrinkle free, and smooth. Whether it is scorching hot or cold and snowy, our skin needs protection and we need to create a skin care ritual.

Of course, there are different types of skin, and each type requires a different treatment regime. Since this is the case, it is always best to visit a dermatologist to discover the best face lotion for your skin, and learn which are the best skin care products to use in general.

Even though there are different skin types, a quality collagen face cream should have positive effects on all of them. The only difference should be how and when the cream is applied. Other top skin care products need to, in a sense, be a solution for all skin types as well.

In the following article, we will rank facial moisturizers and see which skin type or condition they are best for, which one is the best face cream for wrinkles or the best face moisturizer for dry skin.

Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be able to find a moisturizer that is going to be a problem-solver for your skin type.

1. The Dead Sea Spa Elixir Nightime Perfection Nourishment Cream

In order to eliminate wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and keep your skin hydrated, you can rely on Spa Elixir Nightime Perfection Nourishment Cream – one of the best Dead Sea face creams. This nighttime cream will ensure that your skin is all fresh and smooth. With Dead Sea minerals, the cream successfully rejuvenates your skin while you sleep, removes signs of aging, and encourages healthy skin cell development and growth.

And if you are also looking for a day moisturizer, Spa Elixir offers a nourishing facial serum, reviewed by their clients as the best face lotion on the market. Both the serum and the Dead Sea face cream enhance the amazing benefits and therapeutic effects of the minerals they contain.

2. CeraVe Moisturizing Facial Lotion PM

If you have dry or sensitive skin that is prone to acne and eczema, you can use CeraVe Moisturizing Facial Lotion PM as your solution. It is an overnight moisturizer with a unique multivesicular emulsion technology.

In other words, it is a moisturizer that does not release its active ingredients instantly, in fact, they are released gradually, thus keeping your skin fresh and hydrated for hours, as you sleep. This lotion will fight any skin irritation like acne, and it is perfect for those who have sensitive, dry and flaky skin.

3. Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, 4 Ounce


This is a really good oat-based face moisturizer that is completely oil free, since it is intended for those who have oily skin. One thing you will definitely love about this face cream is that it never feels greasy and how it makes your skin glow and keeps it smooth by highlighting your natural complexion. In other words, it can serve as a great make up base, considering how it makes your face pristine and flawless.

This cream is an Amazon bestseller. It also helps you protect your skin from UV rays, it comes in a large bottle and it is a budget-friendly product, the only possible drawback is that it does not contain cell sloughing ingredients.

4. Olay Moisturizing Lotion

One of the best solutions on the market for combination skin, and after you’ll have used this product for about a week, the positive results will already be visible, and you’ll be able to feel the difference in your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated, it improves its texture, and ensures the skin is smooth and nice to the touch.

The Olay cream is actually a non-greasy moisturizer for those who have combination skin. It is lightweight and its water-based formula will not clog any pores or result in any breakouts for that matter. It will give you a nice glow and you’ll be able to maintain a youthful appearance.

5. Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer

Another really good and budget-friendly solution for acne-stricken skin. The high quality facial lotion Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer is a product you should definitely give a chance to. If you are a teenager or a college student with normal, oily or combination skin, the Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer should do the trick for your acne.

Even though some people with dry skin tend to use it as well, it is not recommended if your skin is very dry, since it contains 5% salicylic acid, therefore it can cause your skin to dry out even further. This is the best face lotion for those who have light facial acne, but those who have moderate acne problems are also likely to experience some benefits, although it would be for the best to focus on acne-specific skin serums in those cases.

6. Alina Skin Care Vitamin C Serum

Alina Skin Care Vitamin C Serum is an amazing skin care product – it is gentle, stable and it has great healing properties. It uses top quality Vitamin C, combined with a unique blend of organic aloe, hyaluronic acid and vegetable-based glycerin. This is why it is able to give your skin a potent moisturizing boost.

It can also soothe irritated skin with use of Inflacin® and with Qsomes® it is able to deliver active ingredients on a skin deep level, which is why this product is so effective. It can also be used at night in combination with other skin care products and moisturizing creams.

It has natural ingredients like green and white tea extracts, along with anti-aging formula. It has really good ratings on Amazon as well, so it is a good purchase. However, bear in mind that Vitamin C can irritate sensitive skin, it can also cause itching, redness and drying, therefore if you have a sensitive skin, this might not be a product for you.

7. La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night

This is a highly effective and one of the best face creams for wrinkles, but at the same time it is really expensive, around $500. The cream utilizes some of the best ingredients to fight signs of aging, and there is an abundance of these ingredients in each bottle.

Furthermore, it is stored in an airless pump bottle, thus the product will never degrade while inside. Your skin absorbs it instantly, which means the results will be visible in a timely manner. So, if you have really wrinkly skin, La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night might be your best solution for such a problem, but bear in mind that it won’t go easy on your budget.

8. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Aloe & Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer

One of the best face lotions for oily and combination skin, the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Aloe & Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer is held in high regards by its users. It is a non-greasy product without any preservatives like phthalates and parabens, which makes it ideal for fighting acne.

It is moisturizer that is fully vegetarian and it was not tested on animals in its production, meaning it is one of the most environmentally friendly lotions on the market. It’s great for reducing inflammation because it contains green tea oil, and it can combat blackheads, clogged pores, and acne.


9. Era Organics Advanced Healing Moisturizer

Using organic Aloe Vera, MSM, Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Blue Green Algae, Olive Oils, Cocoa Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, this cream is basically superfood for your skin. Its formula leaves no residue and it can stimulate the healing process inside the damaged skin, making it smoother.

Its anti-aging formula can stimulate collagen production, and restore PH balance, and reduce wrinkles. Although it has quite an unappealing smell, it is a good product for sensitive skin and one of the best eye creams available.


10. Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Oil Control Lotion

We will finish our list of top skin care products with Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Oil Control Lotion. This facial product contains clay and glycerin to ensure your skin is beautiful and clear. It removes dead skin cells, controls acne and oil and it nourishes your skin in the process. Even though it lacks SPF content, it can still serve as a form of sun protection.

Well, now it’s up to you to decide which one is the best facial lotion for your skin, and which products you will use this winter, to preserve your youthful appearance, to keep your skin hydrated and to keep your face acne and irritation free. Remember to check with your dermatologist before you opt for any of these products and ask about the best skin care routine for you.