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10 Best Wrinkle Creams for Men to Use in 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Choosing the best wrinkle cream for men is not always easy. I know that and that’s why I wrote this article: to hopefully help men concerned with maintaining a healthy skin.

One constant process that our body keeps going through during our whole lives, from the very moment we are born, is aging. However, it’s only after our 20s that our body starts to show the results of this process and our skin and whole appearance continues changed until we reach 70 years or more. This is a natural process and we all go through it, but this doesn’t mean that you should simply embrace all of it and look older if you don’t have to.

There are various over the counter products that men can use to slow down the aging process and look younger, even as they slowly move past their forties. These products include hair rejuvenation, anti-aging serums, and anti-wrinkle creams.

From the different products for different areas of the body, most enhance collagen production, which serves a unique purpose. Collagen improves skin elasticity, removes spots, promotes cellular growth and reduces wrinkles. This is an ingredient that our skin produces a lot while we are in our 20s and 30s, however, at mid 30s and later, the production of collagen simply drops.

Due to this collagen drop, our skin starts to develop various spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tags and becomes dry. Famous people with a lot of money to spend can afford expensive procedures such as botox, skin tightening and cortisone shots on a regular basis and they instantly get results. However, for us mere mortals who don’t have so much cash, the better option is to visit the local pharmacy and find the best men’s anti wrinkle cream.

Which ingredients are good for your skin?

Getting a rich cream product with a good formula can help you preserve your youth and make your old skin look ten years younger, if you nurture it properly. On the other hand, the kind of treatment you need to undergo depends on the stage of the aging process that your skin has reached.

All of these side-effects of old age can be reversed, to an extent, by anti-aging products, as they rejuvenate the skin and encourage skin cell growth. Here is a list of ingredients that you should look for in a good anti-aging product. This list might seem large and overwhelming, but it’s good to know these ingredients and memorize them.

Still, don’t think that a product should have all of these ingredients to be good – there are no products that have all of these things in them, and if you have even a third of them in your product, it will make a great impact on how your skin looks. The important thing is to find the right product from a reliable brand and use it properly, and we will get to that as well.

Ingredients that have a positive effect on skin appearance:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients and every good skin care product has it. There’s nothing expensive or complex about it, but it offers major benefits for your skin. Vitamin C helps even out your skin tone, and it has the power to mitigate various problems around skin care.


Retinol, or simply put vitamin A, is a retinoid that promotes elastin production and helps increase the production of new skin cells, which are the most important things for rejuvenating old skin.

Plant extracts

Plant extracts can smooth out the skin and make it soft, and they have natural antiseptic capabilities as well.

Coenzyme Q10

Also known as Ubiquinone, this is a nutrient that our body produces on it’s own and it helps protect collagen and makes it tougher.

Acai oil

This is a fruit that has a lot of healthy vitamins that help protect our skin and prevents the risk of any damages.

Tea extracts

Tea extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect on skin, they reduce wrinkles and help protect the skin while its exposed to the sun.


They have the ability to reduce wrinkles and revitalize the skin overall.


This is a combination of nicotinic acid and vitamin B3. This substance improves the appearance of large pores, smooths out the skin and improves weak skin areas.

Alpha hydroxyl acid

This is a combination of various compounds that have the power to reduce fine lines and improve your skin’s blood flow.

Beta hydroxyl acid

This acid has an exfoliating function and it encourages new skin growth.

Poly hydroxy acid

It has a similar function as Alpha hydroxyl acid, but it causes less irritation and has more antioxidant benefits.

Grape seed extract

This extract creates a bond with collagen and helps preserve skin elasticity and health.


This is a stimulant that has antioxidants which help stabilize free radicals and help the skin look healthier overall.

Essential oils

These oils hydrate and condition the skin and give it the natural level of moisture it needs.

The best 10 wrinkle creams for men

Now that we’ve talked about important things, you need to learn about some good anti-wrinkle cream products, so let’s go over some of the main candidates for the position of the best wrinkle cream for men that you should definitely consider buying.

Brickell Men’s Anti-aging cream

This is one of the best wrinkle creams for men out there, and some praise it as the best one they’ve tried. People that use this product say that the cream works very well, that you can see an improvement in a very short period of time and that it has an amazing smell.

It is a thick, natural, and almost completely organic cream that has amazing effects on men’s skin, even if they’ve just started showing age spots. This cream is best suited for men who have sensitive and dry skin.

Camu Complex Night Cream

This product features natural ingredients and it’s used for nighttime application. All users agree that it has a great moisturizing effect. It has no paraben and it includes all natural ingredients, and since you use it during the night, you can also include a morning product for an improved effect.

This is a unisex cream that works well both with men and women. It’s applied just before going to bed, and when you get up you need to make sure to wash your face before applying your daily cream. It is a perfect solution for men’s anti-aging skin care regimen, as the effects of this cream are also noticed very quickly.

Age Defender Eye Repair

The Age Defender Eye Repair is a specialized cream that is used for improving and rejuvenating the skin around the eyes. It keeps the skin from sagging, reduces any visible dark circles and gives your eye skin a much younger appearance.

It’s applied in small amounts with a fingertip just under the eye area, and around your whole orbital bone. Make sure that you apply the cream gently and that you don’t pull your skin while doing this.

Nerium Age Defying Night Cream

One of the best and most popular of Nerium’s products, it is great for mature men well into their middle-age years and it’s used to bring amazing results during your beauty sleep. This cream’s core is its NAE-8 extract that is made out of Aloe Vera and Nerium Oleander plants.

It has an amazing effect on the skin, improving cell renewal and reducing the damage of free radicals. The cream has an amazing capability to target existing age signs and potential ones.

Ultra Facial Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

Essentially, this daily sunscreen serves as a hydrator that offers double protection with its sunscreen formula, and it can provide you with hydration and protection for up to 24 hours, even if you are exposed to the harshest sun on a daily basis. It has ingredients that coat the surface of the skin with natural-like moisture.

The cream has a light texture that makes the skin less greasy and smooth, while restoring the appearance and health of your skin. It also makes the barrier of your skin more resistant to UVB and UVA rays.

Anthony High Performance Eye Cream

This is probably one of the best wrinkle cream options for men who are looking for a powerful anti-aging eye treatment. It has special compounds such as allantoin and arnica that reduce puffiness around the eyes and boost circulation within the skin.

Put some of it on your eyelids and on the semi-circles located towards your nose. It’s best to keep this cream in the fridge, so that it gives you the best freshness in the morning and rejuvenates your eyes quickly.

Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream

People who used this Kiehl’s cream say that once they found out about it, they simply couldn’t switch to any other product. Everyone says that it moisturizes their face just right, and that it doesn’t make their skin look too shiny when applied. The difference is noticeable in just a week or two and it works amazingly well.

The skin absorbs it so easily and the cream hydrates the skin so well that your face will show no fatigue at all. The age lines and wrinkles diminish quickly, and the whole area is strengthened and starts to look tighter.

Murad Time Release Wrinkle Cream

If you need the big guns to fight off wrinkles and make your skin look younger, then this product from Murad is what you need. The reason why this product is so effective is the fact that it has a lot of retinol.

Additionally, it has other ingredients that support the effect of retinol on the skin. It also has a powerful peptide and Hyaluronic acid. When these three are put together, they have the power to repair damaged collagen, make the skin soft and help moisturize your face. If you’re looking to get the best anti wrinkle cream for men, this one should definitely be at the top of your shopping list.

Paula’s Choice Clinical

This wrinkle cream has vitamin C, peptides and 1% retinol. This formula offers deep wrinkle treatment. It’s a very smooth silky cream that stimulates production of collagen and cell regeneration. Its use results in less brown spots, healthy-looking pores and less wrinkles. It is also has oat extract to improve comfort.

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Cream

This is a simple and effective anti aging cream for men. It’s simply amazing when it comes to reducing wrinkles. The cream improves the firmness of skin and promotes cell turnover. It also works as a toner and a hydrator, giving your skin the young appearance it needs. A very precise product that gives excellent results. Most people who’ve tried it say that it’s the best wrinkle cream for men that they’ve ever used.

These are the best wrinkle cream for men you can currently find on the market. Our choice was based on user reviews and thorough investigation of ingredients that the different products contain. Make sure that you consult your dermatologist before buying a certain product, so that you can give your skin what it really needs.

As an extra tip, even though men’s skin has it’s particularities which requires a certain type of face creams, the tricks I gave for dealing with eye wrinkles or for choosing the best night creams, are as valuable for men as they are for women.

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