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Dead Sea Night Cream Benefits

Friday, August 4, 2017

A good Dead Sea night cream contains many beneficial ingredients that will make your skin be healthier and look more youthful. Find out why the Dead Sea is frequently referred to as ‘the Fountain of Youth’. 

Each part of your skincare regimen needs to be planned carefully. In order to get rid of skin conditions such as acne – a very persistent issue – you need to be very careful when you pick out products, because making a wrong choice can cause a whole new line of problems and even make existing conditions worse.

The same goes for just wanting to have skin that’s youthful and elastic, which is why you should explore the benefits of a quality Dead Sea night cream. Not only will this kind of product make your skin clear and make fine lines or deep wrinkles disappear, but it will also have a very positive effect on your overall health.

The Magic of the Dead Sea

A salty lake is a rarity as it is, but there is not one other body of water similar to the Dead Sea. Millions and millions of years have contributed to its creation, and many factors have combined over time to make it be this beneficial for health in general, not just skincare.

Because of the climate in which this lake exists – dry, hot air with a very high level of evaporation – it contains an amazing list of incredibly useful substances. The ordinary concentration of salt in most seas would be around three percent – when compared to over thirty percent of salt which is concentrated in the Dead Sea, those numbers look silly. This wondrous body of water contains many great elements you should learn about in order to choose the best Dead Sea product.

Why Go with Night Cream?

I’m sure you’re wondering why your focus should be on finding a Dead Sea night cream. Well, while you’re asleep, your whole body is resting and every gear in your internal mechanism is trying to get enough energy to go through your day. So, it seems like your body is programmed to do a “refresh” during these hours – your skin included – so make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep.

Therefore, while you’re asleep, your skin produces an oily substance that feeds the upper layer of the skin –  the one that’s constantly exposed to outside factors like winds, damaging sun rays, and cold temperatures – with various nutrients.

For that reason, you should be very picky when it comes to selecting your night cream. If you decide to go with something this powerful – a cream that contains elements from the Dead Sea – you will enable your skin to intake a mighty dose of nutrients every night.

Applying the right night cream regularly should be a very important part of everyone’s beauty routine because it can help you to have youthful, wrinkle-free skin that’s healthy and elastic.

Contents of the Dead Sea

We established why a night cream is a necessity for everyone who wants to capture their youth, freeze time, and neglect its merciless effect that can be very visible on the skin. In ancient times, wrinkles were considered to be a symbol of wisdom, which was the most prized virtue, but that’s not the case now.

It seems like the whole world is turning around aesthetics, so it’s no wonder we’re trying our best to look forever young. Fortunately, the magical ingredients of the Dead Sea can help us with this cause – so, let’s find out what makes this lake so special.

  • Bromide

This salt was used as a sedative in medicine, but considering the fact that more effective substitutes were discovered, Bromide was neglected. However, it’s subtle calming effect is very efficient – various allergies and inflammations of the skin can be treated with Bromide.

  • Calcium

For your skin to be clear and healthy, it needs to be clean. Calcium is highly helpful when it comes to cleaning pores and this mineral does its job in a very pleasant way because of its soothing properties.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is basically an accelerator; when it gets in touch with your skin, it helps speed up the process of producing nutrients. This ingredient is probably one of the most useful benefits of a Dead Sea night cream, because it encourages the natural process and makes it more efficient.

  • Zinc

Our skin ages because, in time, the human body stops the production of substances it needs to be in a constant state of rejuvenation. The item responsible for keeping your whole body youthful is collagen, and Zinc is great because it encourages cell development and collagen production.

  • Sodium Chloride

The most powerful Dead Sea moisturizer is sodium. This is a very healthy natural moisturizer and if your night cream contains it, Sodium Chloride will prevent cracking and forming of the lines we all know as wrinkles.

  • Iodine

This element of the Dead Sea is an energizer. It helps with blood flow and it has a stimulating effect on the thyroid gland.

  • Potassium

Potassium is another natural moisturizer, but unlike Sodium Chloride, it also establishes balance on your skin by maintaining a natural environment.

  • Lithium

If you have issues with psoriasis, you should definitely turn to Lithium because it can enable you to achieve your goal and have perfectly clear skin, as it increases the success of the salt treatment, the usual therapy prescribed to patients with this condition.

  • Sulfur

A subtle way to get rid of toxins on your skin without subjecting it to harsh treatments is to use a product with sulfur; its natural properties will get rid of damaging substances.

Benefits of The Salty Lake

We went through the contents of the Dead Sea and now it’s kind of obvious why this lake has properties which are described as magical. This is a totally natural source of health and we can even go as far as to call it the Fountain of Youth.

I think it’s now clearer why Dead Sea night creams are so powerful. If you have any of the issues below, you should turn to this source and get rid of them in a nurturing way that won’t cause any additional damage.

  • Acne;
  • Stress;
  • Various Allergies;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Dryness;
  • Hair Loss and Dandruff;
  • Wrinkles.

The Dead Sea has antioxidants which will enable your skin to breathe and thus make sure that skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis disappear. It has mighty moisturizing properties which will prevent the appearance of new wrinkles by giving your skin all the nutrients it needs.

In addition, it will help you reduce already existing lines because the Dead Sea substances will encourage the production of collagen.

Considering its calming properties, one of the Dead Sea night cream’s benefits is related to stress control; applying this kind of cream will breach through the surface of your skin and have a positive effect on your glands as well.

Problems like hair loss and dandruff are also easily solvable with this of concentration of minerals, but you will need to find a different kind of product to deal with them – perhaps you should try a Dead Sea lotion.

A Proper Skin Care Regime

Although a proper night cream is very important, you won’t be able to do much if you don’t establish a disciplined routine and stick to it. Your skin is constantly subjected to all kinds of factors like wind, sun rays, and cold weather, which all have the same effect – they make your skin crack, which leads to dryness and redness.

For some people, these symptoms aren’t that visible, but the consequences are. You will either develop a condition that needs a special kind of treatment or have to deal with deep wrinkles. In order to avoid all of this, it’s you need to determine your skin type and select products which are suitable for it.

Be careful, though, not to overdo it. Some people are convinced that washing skin more than two times per day and applying various products continuously will be efficient – and it’s the very opposite of that. Using too many products will exterminate the natural balance your skin has and disturb its environment, which will – of course – lead to the development of new conditions.

Therefore, your skin regime needs to be maximally personalized and it’s really important that you don’t abandon it whenever you feel lazy. Also, make sure to keep track of changes; your skin type can change and, if that happens, you need to change your routine too.

It’s vital that you invest effort in order to have the skin you always wanted. Although this can be overwhelming at times, and although sometimes all you want to do is fall asleep without removing makeup, you should always have your eyes on the goal and find strength in you to do it. Fortunately, there are natural treasures such as Dead Sea night creams to help you with that cause.

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