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5 Amazing Dead Sea Salt Benefits for Your Skin

Monday, March 13, 2017

If the Dead Sea salt benefits for skin are as innumerable as the masters of cosmetics claim, then we should discover where this mineral’s secret truly lies.

Zinc, selenium, hyaluronic acid – it’s easy to talk about skin nutrition once somebody mentions these minerals. Salt, on the other hand, is usually frowned upon. Though savvy ladies often include it to their balancing masks, body scrubs and relaxing baths, this natural ingredient is mostly associated with the discomforting feeling of dehydration.

But, salt is a mineral too, and not all salts are the same. We love those that are derived from the sea, but we rarely understand how they differ from our regular table sort.

Let’s Dive into the Effects of Dead Sea Salt on Skin!

Cosily tucked in between Jordan in the east and Israel in the west, the Dead Sea is a natural wonder of mythical proportions. In the days gone by, its healing properties were enjoyed by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike. Today, the salty lake is one of the biggest centers for scientific research.

It may be that Cleopatra was so hooked on its therapeutic potential that she actually kowtowed Mark Antony into conquering the region; though unproven, this story tells you everything you need to know about the Dead Sea’s majestic power. If the empress of beauty and seduction wanted it for herself, then there must be something there that’s worth exploring, right?

Apart from fungi and some other microorganisms, there’s not much we can find – hence the name the Dead Sea. But, what this unusual lake lacks in versatility of life, it compensates with an abundance of mineral salts. Around 8 times more saline than ocean waves, the landlocked water of the Dead Sea hides not a few, but about twenty powerhouse minerals. That’s quite enough to heal both your body and soul.

And, that’s exactly what the Dead Sea essentials do. Truly uncountable, their remedial attributes can be inhaled from the allergen-free atmosphere, absorbed from the mineral-packed water or obtained in their concentrated form, through medicinal supplements and cosmetics products. As bromine feeds your nerves, calcium, magnesium and potassium (along with many others) nourish your skin, regardless of how mistreated, damaged or sensitive it is.

Why Dead Sea Minerals Are All the BalneoTherapy You Need

There are three major Dead Sea salt benefits for our skin: healing, soothing, and softening. When refined into skincare products, they successfully treat conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and hair loss. And, if mineral salts proven to repair severely damaged skin, then imagine what they can do for your blemished complexion. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Hydration

It’s true that sea salt feels kind of filmy on your skin, especially after a long, hot day spent on the beach, but it’s not entirely correct that salt dries it up. Unpleasant dehydration is rather a consequence of prolonged sun exposure – if there wasn’t for UV rays, in other words, saline water wouldn’t make your skin so sticky and stiff.

There’s another example that proves this. Remember those prunes and wrinkles you’d get from long baths as a kid? They never appear after splashing in the ocean, which means that there must be some huge difference between the effects of salt-free water on skin and the way saline water alters its chemistry.

Both mineral salt and the ordinary kind are partially sodium chloride. But, while the latter contains it in large amounts, the salt procured from the Dead Sea is chemically much more complex. Being a mixture of many different minerals, it’s rich with calcium and magnesium as well. They are recognized as hydration boosters, and other minerals from the Dead Sea, namely potassium and zinc, have the same moisturizing quality.

In addition to being defined as “natural moisturization factors”, these beneficial ingredients showcase a “hygroscopic” property as well. Simply put, this means that Dead Sea mineral salts attract water and other nutrients from the depths of your skin, thus making it naturally moist and supple.

If your complexion is exceptionally dry, it’s probably time to consider a Dead Sea moisturizer. Be that a cream or a lotion, this curative is powerful enough to restore your skin’s water balance and regain its birth given glow.

  1. Regeneration

Properly moisturized skin is the foundation for effective day to day care – when overly dry, the epidermis loses its ability to absorb nutrients and combat damages. Permeability and resistance both play the key role in your skin’s barrier function, an important defensive mechanism that affects its overall quality and strength.

The best Dead Sea cream for face should contain all the ingredients that can be found in this inexhaustible source of health – calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium chloride, iodine, zinc and potassium are only some of those acknowledged for the amazing regenerating properties they possess. Each of them relieves and soothes your skin on the deeper, cellular level, thus making its barrier function sturdier from within.

Magnesium and iodine, for instance, accelerate your metabolism, while potassium stimulates and maintains your central nervous system. United, they provide healthy minerals to every cell in your organism, including those that reside in the skin.

In order to keep them harmonized, your body needs chloride, another of Dead Sea’s many nutrients. Its relative, sodium chloride, improves permeability. Soothing calcium and simulating zinc are in charge of cell growth and renewal. There’s nothing that these two can’t mend, actually! From collagen production and elasticity to UV-protection and sebo-regulation, zinc does it all.

And this is not where the list of Dead Sea salt benefits for the skin ends!

  1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is something that this scrubby substance is particularly famous for, and the beauty industry has been exploring this potential for decades. It’s another of those things that make your skin plumper, simply by freeing it from all the clogging particles that pile up on the surface during the day.

Once they come together, dead skin cells, grease and dirt form a thin film on your skin. If not removed, they tend to penetrate through and plug your pores, thus encouraging blackheads and acne, but not only that. By preventing sebum from getting out and disallowing water and other skincare nutrients to get in, these impurities trigger irritations, allergies and breakouts as well.

Fortunately, there are great Dead Sea minerals for acne that can nip this process in the bud, though basically any skincare product that contains calcium, sodium chloride and potassium do the same. While calcium cleans pores, sodium chloride and potassium remove the rest of the toxic particles. Thoroughly exfoliated and regenerated from within, your skin is ready to withstand the test of time.

  1. Rejuvenation

After all, it’s what bothers us the most, isn’t it? Though blemish-prone, sensitive skin can still be successfully treated, but there’s not an easy or unbeatable solution for fine lines and wrinkles. Natural aging is an unavoidable process, often accelerated by other detrimental factors. Poor nutrition and smoking are only some of them, but are just as equally harmful as UV radiation.

Since complete rejuvenation isn’t possible, timely care is the only way of retaining your skin’s youthful appearance. Regular moisturizing and exfoliating greatly contribute to that, along with beauty regimes that secure continual regeneration. Instead of eliminating traces of aging once they appear – which is something minerals can do as well – the Dead Sea salt skin benefits prolong this process one year after another.

In addition to that, every Dead Sea moisturizer is packed with zinc, which is considered one of the two most powerful UV-blockers. It’s an essential active ingredient in all physical sunscreen formulas, and the one that’s mostly responsible for the broad-spectrum protection they provide. Given that photoaging causes around 80% of premature wrinkles, it’s safe to say that rejuvenation is one of the biggest benefits of Dead Sea salt for the skin.

  1. Reparation

Finally, we adore the Dead Sea minerals for their gentle healing possibilities. All of them are quite effective when it comes to regular care of healthy complexion, but they’ve done wonders for harshly damaged skin as well. Detoxification, improved circulation and stress-relief are some of the Dead Sea skin benefits that help ameliorate persistent conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Let’s thank bromide for that! This mineral falls under the category of natural antibiotics, though it also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent and a relaxant. Our hypersaline lake has it in abundance, which makes the Dead Sea skincare products both a fountain of youth and a spring of health.

Cleansing minerals do their bit as well, since toxins trigger psoriasis and eczema alike. Both of these conditions require accelerated cell regeneration, and we’ve seen that that’s yet another of Dead Sea salt benefits for our skin. When it comes to psoriasis, minerals can achieve complete remission, while symptoms of eczema can be significantly decreased.

And, what more can we hope for? If a single jar of Dead Sea salt moisturizer can offer hydration, revitalization, exfoliation, rejuvenation and reparation, then the whole skincare regime is provided with a single smear. The Dead Sea salt benefits for the skin are endless, so dive deep and apply generously.

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