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13 Summer Foods and Drinks That Are Great for Skin Hydration

Thursday, July 27, 2017

There are two types of people: those who fear the sun and can get a sunstroke from simply thinking about it, and those who simply cannot get enough of it. No matter where you belong, you must admit that the summer heat can influence your mood, how you behave, and what you eat, and it is totally normal to crave different foods than usual.

Naturally, with heat, we tend to sweat more and we lose a lot of our body water by trying to cool ourselves down, so it’s only fitting that we switch to a diet that includes foods that are rich in water. Not only will that help us feel better, but it will also help our skin feel hydrated and smooth – don’t forget that during these scorching months, our skin is the first line of defense against the sun. We should protect it from the outside by using the appropriate skin products, and from the inside by eating lighter, less processed foods.

We have created a list of 13 items that will help you to hydrate your body fast. So, let’s begin:

  1. Watermelon

It’s not a surprise that watermelon is the first on our list. After all, it does have the word “water” in its name. It does exactly what you think. It’s a really tasty refreshment, with lots of water inside it and sugars that will keep you feeling fresh and energized. Not only that, but it will also keep you full, meaning that it is a perfect addition to your diet if you are trying to lose a bit of weight. And, to top this off, the watermelon also contains a lot of lycopene, which can protect your skin from sun damage – making it the perfect fruit to eat on the go, in a smoothie, or at home.

  1. Cucumber

Another food that is actually made up of more than 96% water is the cucumber. It is perfect any way you like it. You can use it in light salads, sliced and lightly salted, or just put in a glass of water. Don’t forget, you can place a couple cucumber slices on your eyes to refresh a bit and reduce your dark circles – it is not a myth. Cucumber is also cheap and can be found anywhere. You can peel it, but that is not very important, as long as it is properly cleaned. Plus, cucumbers have almost zero calories.

  1. Tomatoes

Another food that also has plenty of lycopene (which is actually an antioxidant) is the ordinary tomato. It can go with anything, in any salad, making it a pretty neutral addition to salty meals as a side salad, or in a sweet tomato juice smoothie. Tomatoes have a lot of vitamin C, which is universally good, and in combination with lycopene, it can help you feel better and hydrate your skin.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is the perfect meal: it contains lots of protein, you can select what fat percentage you want, and it’s easy to carry wherever you go. You can go for the sweet yogurt variety that is found in every shop, but with added sugars, or choose a sourer, traditional form that will keep you both satiated and refreshed. It can be used as a dressing for any salad and in combination with any fruit or vegetable. Another plus is that yogurt has natural probiotics, ensuring that your digestive system feels as well as you do.

  1. Green Tea

If you thought that a hot drink will only make you hotter, you are wrong. It is complicated, but in the end, a hot beverage will cool you down more than a cold one, and increase how much you sweat. And when it comes to hot beverages, what is better than a cup of tea? For the best effect, do not sweeten it, and instead learn to love it without sugar.

Green tea is well known for speeding up your metabolism and fighting different types of illnesses. If you do not like green tea, any other kind will do; ginger tea is also great, for example. You can make an iced version as well, if you are feeling particularly hot.

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple is an exotic fruit that is just perfect for a hot summer day. If you have a bit of time, you can easily slice it up and eat it as is. Or you can create a nice smoothie, with a bit of milk and honey. Pineapple has a lot of vitamins and minerals and will help you with inflammations – it can be especially helpful after prolonged exercise in the heat.

  1. Seafood

Seafood is always a high-quality meal; lots of protein there, plus omega-3 fatty acids that will keep your skin smooth and glowing. Salmon is a particularly good choice – just do not overdo it with salt, as that will make you feel bloated and only keep the water inside. Smoked salmon is a great idea for breakfast, or tuna salad for an easy lunch – just add lots of greens to make sure your body gets everything it needs.

  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great alternative to plain water. While it does have more calories, it will help you stay hydrated and provide you with the sugars you need to keep your brain and your muscles running in the hot weather. It has a lot of potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants, which are always good. Coconut water is a great replacement for sports drinks that promise to refresh you at the cost of too many calories.

  1. Lemonade

Good ol’ lemonade. You cannot go wrong with this drink on a hot summer day. Lemons are easy to come by, just squeeze ‘em, add 3 times more water, add a bit of sugar, honey, or artificial sweeteners, or simply drink it plain. A good hack is to add a pinch of salt – it will stabilize the taste of lemonade, especially if you add sugar. Serve with ice and drink throughout the day, and bring it with you wherever you go. You will feel reinvigorated and well hydrated.

  1. Kiwi

Another important fruit that simply must find its way on your next grocery list is kiwi. They are quite small, but pack a lot of flavor, and are naturally super-healthy. They can be found all-year-round, and will help you with your digestion as they offer plenty of fiber. They go nicely in most summer smoothies, or in a nice fruit salad, which is a good idea for staying hydrated and boosting your immune system at the same time. Vitamins found inside the kiwi will help keep your skin youthful, as vitamins C and E act as powerful antioxidants.

  1. Leafy Greens

Raw greens in a salad have many advantages: they provide hydration, they will keep you well fed, and they offer plenty of vitamins and minerals for your body. You can place anything you want in this salad – spinach, arugula, cabbage and any other kind of leafy vegetable. Feel free to add corn, zucchini, or even tomatoes for some color, and do not forget about celery and fennel, which will help you feel less bloated as they stimulate kidney function. You cannot go wrong with this salad – add anything that you can think of, even some feta cheese or tuna – this will create a full meal with everything you need.

  1. Nuts

You’ve probably read in a hundred articles that nuts are a great replacement for snacks like popcorn or potato chips. Bring a handful of them in a small bag with you to work and eat them during your breaks. It’s true, they have a lot of fats and calories, but it is important to know that they are actually unsaturated fats which are good for you – in moderation, of course. They also contain a lot of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which is basically everything your body, especially your skin, needs during these hot summer days. They will help you feel full for longer, so if used carefully, they can be a great addition to your diet.

  1. Berry Smoothie

Berries can be quite expensive during the off-season, so it is wise to use this opportunity and eat as many of them as you can. Not to mention that you can create perfect smoothies with them. Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and let’s not forget goji berries, which are all the rage now, are all perfect for your summer diet. All berries have essential amino acids, plenty of vitamins and beta carotene, which is particularly good for the skin.

There you have it! Of course, you do not need to eat everything on this list, but it would be wise to choose at least a few of our suggestions and add them to your meals; combine them as you will. They will help you avoid feeling thirsty, but also offer many more benefits than a simple glass of water. So, the next time you go out into the scorching sun, make sure to nibble on some of these foods throughout the day.

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