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Top 6 Dead Sea Face Creams You Should Try in 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Top 6 Best Dead Sea face creams and the reasons Dead Sea minerals are considered to be extremely efficient in obtaining and preserving beautiful flawless skin.

Finding the secret to eternal beauty isn’t about achieving a scientific breakthrough, or discovering something new, nor is it about something fictional like time travel. If you want your skin to remain youthful and elastic, it’s not even about believing in deities – it’s right in front of you, in nature.

One of the most miraculous gifts that nature has to offer is the Dead Sea. Thanks to the climate conditions that surround this piece of water, it’s one of the saltiest in the world. Now, this is more geography than beauty talk, right?

Let’s go through the reasons why these salty waters and Dead Sea face creams are considered to be some of the most efficient ways to not just preserve your beauty, but to get rid of all imperfections your skin is dealing with.

Learn about the Dead Sea Magic

Regular salt water is 3% salt, approximately, but the Dead Sea has way more of it. With 32%, an unbelievably high concentration of twenty-one different minerals, this lake seems to be the real fountain of youth. Another very interesting fact is that half of those minerals can’t be found in anywhere else on Earth.

The question is, how would those ingredients affect your skin?  What are the Dead Sea salts benefits? Well, when it comes to calcium, you should know that it serves as support to the membranes of your cells and that it straightens them. Regardless, calcium still has a soothing effect, and it can relieve your skin and clean your pores along the way.

There’s also magnesium, which works as an accelerator. It helps your body connects to various nutrients and use them. It’s also a powerful anti-allergen that will empower your immune system.

Chloride can also be found in this lake. It introduces order to your system by balancing out alkaline and acids.

Then, there’s also sodium chloride that’s a hydrator which helps your skin get rid of toxins, iodine which plays a role in hormone production and keeps your cells vital, zinc which is highly efficient when it comes to revitalizing and regenerating because it encourages the production of collagen aside from it being an antioxidant which will make free radicals disappear, etc.

Don’t all of these properties make this lake a real fountain of youth? It’s practically everything your skin needs to stay elastic, wrinkle free, and youthful, without you having to go through harsh circumstances such are surgeries.

The next step here is to do your research and find out which are best dead sea products, the best dead sea face creams with the most positive reviews – here are my top 6 suggestions. I think you should definitely consider making them part of your beauty routine.

Avani Dead Sea Mineral Enriched Moisturizing Cream

If you’re dealing with dry skin, and you have symptoms like your skin cracking and wrinkles appearing all over the place, you should think about using this Dead Sea face cream as it is a very powerful moisturizer.

Other than nourishing the minerals the lake has to offer, Avani also included other ingredients to their revolutionary recipe and combined them with Aloe Vera. This magnificent plant has a way of dealing with inflammations and it’s quite efficient in helping you get rid of discolorations in your skin. With Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, this dead sea facial product will make your skin radiant.

Ahava Extreme Night Treatment

There comes a time when you will wake up one day and notice that you’re looking at a stranger in a mirror, who’s at least ten years older than you. I honestly believe that age is a state of mind, but having an old person looking back at you can be a tad demotivating, wouldn’t you agree?

We mentioned traveling back through time in the beginning, but what you really need here are the benefits of Dead Sea salt. Ahava Extreme Night Treatment has a high concentration of Dead Sea minerals, but that’s far from all, because it seems that the Ahava team wanted to fashion a magical cream that consists out of exotic ingredients only.

So, having this bottle in your home is an equivalent to traveling around the world and gathering the following ingredients – Dunaliella Algae, Date Fruit, Tibetan Goji Berries, Himalayan Raspberry Root, and Icelandic Moss. When put together, all of these elements will make your skin significantly firmer, make its protective mechanisms more powerful, and eradicate even the stubbornest wrinkles, no matter their depth.

Biox Intensive Age Treatment Cream Anti-Age Complex

There’s hardly a less attractive thing than saggy skin. We spend years and years building our confidence by insisting on professional development, creating strong social bonds, and trying to be culturally aware, and all of that for what? For it to become completely broken because our skin decides to stop resisting gravity?

The harsh truth is that making an impression, especially the first one, is usually based on appearance, which is why you shouldn’t settle with a look you’re not fond of, and subjecting yourself to surgical procedures isn’t necessary if you start using this anti-age complex which has magnificent face lifting powers.

If you ever went through some Dead Sea cosmetics reviews, I’m sure you encountered the Biox brand – they decided to put together the power of minerals with oat extracts. Applying this complex will not only soothe your skin but it will also make it healthier, because oats can get past the initial skin layers and revitalize the skin from within.

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Day Cream

If you’re still not in need for strong treatments that will help with you defeat growing old by making wrinkles vanish, perhaps this is the dead sea face cream you have been looking for. Although it’s gentle, the Dr Organic cream is an extremely powerful moisturizer.

Like the previous products I mentioned, this one is known to be very efficient because it works by penetrating your skin and hydrating it from the deeper levels, climbing its way to the surface. Bioactive ingredients which are highly concentrated in this dead sea face cream make it a strong antioxidant which, if used on a daily basis, will clear your skin out and enable your pores to breath.

Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum

I’m sure you’re familiar with that period when your skin looks tired for days – whatever you do with it, you can’t seem to change it. And, it’s not at all uncommon, because some days just feel endless, when you have a ton of responsibilities on your plate.

So, you need something to pick you up, which is why I suggest this facial serum, which is another product that comes from Ahava. Apart from giving your face the radiant and youthful glow you so desperately want, it reduces wrinkles significantly and firms your skin up.

This company is obviously aware that they discovered one of the most precious treasures in the world of beauty treatments, because they know that deep wrinkles are a problem of the past when you introduce Dead Sea minerals to this game. You should also know that this serum does wonders on sun damaged skin and it additionally provides you with a strong SPF to stay safe in the sun.

SkinCalm Dead Sea Salt Natural Cream

Considering the amount of stress your skin goes through, being subjected to harsh climates which are only getting worse and more severe, you should make sure that you go through a revitalizing therapy so it can stay youthful and elastic.

If your skin is easily inflammable, and it goes from normal to being itchy and red in no time when exposed to damaging sun rays or strong winds, SkinCalm is the right way to go. It is one of the Dead Sea face creams that can make inflammations disappear and prevent that unpleasant dryness that follows quite quickly. Never again will you be red and burnt on your holiday photos, resembling a crab of some sorts.

Salts, Masks and Gels

It’s not just Dead Sea face creams you should pay attention to – there’s a whole world of beautifying products based on Dead Sea minerals which you should be familiar with. For example, the benefits of Dead Sea salts are quite extraordinary – instead of subjecting yourself to painful exfoliating methods which can remove the upper layer on your face that consists of dead skin cells, you could simply use these salts and relax while you let them do all the work. Naturally, gels and masks which are rich in the minerals we mentioned in the beginning will rejuvenate your skin and cleanse it gently.

So, congratulations – you know now that the fountain of youth is real and that you don’t have to spend time traveling to arrive to its location and enjoy its magical powers; because you just need to look for products rich in Dead Sea minerals next time you go shopping for beauty products.

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